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  1. The Frank Stanley Beveridge Foundation: This foundation focuses on grantmaking in various areas, including religion, primarily in Hampden and Hampshire Counties, Massachusetts. Their mission is to enhance the quality of life in these areas through various initiatives​.
  2. Frederick W. McCarthy Family Foundation: This global-focused foundation supports programs in various areas, including religion and human rights. It’s involved in contributing to educational organizations and initiatives in socio-economically challenged communities​.
  3. Fund for Theological Education: As a national advocate for excellence and diversity in Christian ministry and theological scholarship, this fund offers competitive grants for programs that cultivate a sense of Christian vocation and the call to ministry among youth​.

  4. Glaser Family Charitable Foundation: They make grants to various local and national public charities and organizations, with special interest in educational organizations, Christian ministries, and organizations benefiting children’s health.
  5. Hagen Family Foundation: This private family foundation provides financial grants to not-for-profit organizations with a focus on areas including the Arts, Education, Environment, Religion, and Social Services. However, they do not support ongoing programs or research.
  6. Henry Luce Foundation: The Luce Foundation’s Theology program encourages the development of leadership for religious communities. This program focuses on strengthening pastoral leadership and enhancing congregational vitality.

Each of these programs has specific eligibility criteria and application processes. It’s essential to review their websites and solicitation documents for detailed information on how to apply. These opportunities offer financial support and resources that can significantly impact the ministry and professional development of clergy members.


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