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Lilly Endowment Clergy Renewal Programs: These programs are administered by Christian Theological Seminary and provide clergy and their congregations with funds to support renewal leaves. The programs are designed to help pastors rejuvenate and refresh their commitment to their congregations and ordained ministry​​​​​​.

Louisville Institute Grant Programs: The Louisville Institute offers various grant programs to support religious and theological study by pastors, scholars, and researchers. Their grants include the Pastoral Study Project Grant, Project Grant for Researchers, Sabbatical Grant for Researchers, and the First Book Grant for Scholars of Color. These grants support independent or collaborative study projects on Christian life, religious practices, and institutions​​.

Clergy Revitalization Grants by the Reformed Church in America: This program provides grants to RCA-ordained Ministers of Word and Sacrament, including Chaplains, and RCA Commissioned Pastors. It aims to support pastors through a mini-sabbatical for revitalization, providing a period of rest and rejuvenation​​.

FundsNet Religion & Church Grants: This platform lists various faith-based grants available for 2023, including grants in areas of education, religion, art, environment, and more. Specific foundations like the Frank Stanley Beveridge Foundation, Frederick W. McCarthy Family Foundation, and the Fund for Theological Education offer grants focusing on different aspects of religious and humanitarian work​​.

Strengthening Pastoral Leadership by Lilly Endowment: This initiative by the Lilly Endowment aims to cultivate new pastoral leaders for congregational ministry, educate and prepare pastoral leaders for ministry, and support and sustain excellence in pastoral leadership. This includes programs like NetVUE, Campus Ministry Theological Exploration of Vocation, and Interfaith America​​.

These grant programs are specifically tailored to provide financial assistance, sabbatical opportunities, and support for theological study and exploration. They are designed to enhance the well-being, education, and leadership skills of clergy members in various Christian denominations. For more details on each program, including application procedures and eligibility criteria, you can visit their respective websites.


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